Strategic Plan

Our Objectives

The Arkansas Wildlife Federation has identified the following strategic objectives as essential toward its mission to ensure a thriving future for Arkansas wildlife.

Governance & Excellence

Strategic Objective #1:

Meet the highest standards for nonprofit governance including transparency, ethical conduct,
and sound management.

Strategic Objective #2:

Recruit and maintain an active and diverse board of directors who bring the skills and
knowledge needed to advance the mission of the Federation and who represent the unique
regions, communities, and voices from across the state.

Strategic Objective #3:

Increase and manage the financial resources of the Federation to carry out its mission and achieve future long-term financial sustainability.

Strategic Objective #4:

Establish AWF as an authoritative and influential voice in Arkansas conservation.

Education & Inclusion

Strategic Objective #1:

Build a more informed citizenry in Arkansas through innovative, ongoing statewide education and awareness efforts that welcome all segments of our community to enjoy wildlife and participate in our mission.

Strategic Objective #2:

Empower the citizens of Arkansas to take actions on all levels that protect our rich biodiversity and wildlife heritage for generations to come.

Strategic Objective #3:

Serve as a reliable source for current, science-based information regarding wildlife issues in Arkansas.

Convening & Coalition Building

Strategic Objective #1:

Serve as a trusted thought leader and an inclusive convener of statewide partners, inspiring
innovative strategies for wildlife conservation in Arkansas.

Strategic Objective #2:

Build a diverse statewide coalition that speaks as one united voice on common ground wildlife conservation issues.

Arkansas Wildlife Federation was founded in 1936 and serves as the independent state affiliate of the National Wildlife Federation.

Did you know?

Policy & Advocacy

Strategic Objective #1:

Be an independent legislative and policy watchdog and advisor for the benefit of all wildlife and their habitats in Arkansas.

Strategic Objective #2:

Proactively establish wildlife-centered policy agendas and lead coalition partners and citizens to advocate for the future of Arkansas’ wildlife.

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