Keeping Arkansas Wild

Action Starts With Education

Wild species in Arkansas face urgent and complex threats. Now more than ever, citizens, leaders, and conservation professionals in our state need to be empowered with the latest information so that, together, we may protect our unique biodiversity – before it is too late.

At Arkansas Wildlife Federation (AWF), we strive to serve as a “one stop shop” for current information related to Arkansas wildlife, their habitats, and important conservation issues in and around our state. Whether you are a student, interested citizen, elected official, or conservation professional, AWF is committed to providing current and user-friendly resources to inform and inspire positive impacts for wildlife.

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Who’s Who in Arkansas Wildlife?

We are fortunate to have dedicated organizations and agencies working together in Arkansas to protect our wildlife and their habitats. Who does what, and how are decisions made that most impact biodiversity in Arkansas? Below is a breakdown of the partners in Arkansas who share a key focus on wildlife conservation.

U.S. Fish & Wildlife Service

A federal government agency which maintains an Arkansas Ecological Services Field Office in Conway, AR as well as an Arkansas Delta Sub-office at the Cache River National Wildlife Refuge near Augusta, AR and an Ozark Sub-office near Fayetteville, AR.

As part of their mission, USFWS is charged with enforcing Federal Wildlife Laws and Protecting Endangered Species. In Arkansas, USFWS focuses on three main programs: Partners for Fish and Wildlife, Ecological Services, and Military Lands Conservation.

Arkansas Natural Heritage Commission

A part of a statewide governmental agency headquartered in Little Rock, AR. It is one of eight divisions within the Division of Arkansas Heritage.

ANHC focuses on preserving natural diversity in Arkansas through scientific field research and providing a central repository for data on rare plants and animals and natural communities in Arkansas. ANHC also maintains a System of Natural Areas for the long-term protection of some of our state’s most ecologically significant lands.

Arkansas Game and Fish Commission

Arkansas Game & Fish Commission

A statewide governmental agency headquartered in Little Rock, AR. AGFC is vested with the control, management, restoration, conservation, and regulation of birds, fish, game, and wildlife resources in Arkansas.

AGFC establishes hunting and fishing regulations, provides law enforcement, and conducts hunter and wildlife education around the state, including through nine public nature centers. In addition to activities that promote and support game species, AGFC is also charged with developing and implementing a State Wildlife Action Plan to serve as an essential foundation for the conservation of all at risk and imperiled species in Arkansas.

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